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JK Consulting works with businesses
throughout Ireland and has proven expertise in delivering retail growth with a focus on
Product, People and Place.
JK Consulting was founded by Jennifer Kennedy, a skilled and creative business leader and retailer
with over 20 years’ experience across multiple brands.
Driven to make positive change and solve complex problems,
Jennifer is recognised for her energy, creativity and drive to create and build exceptional experiences.


JK Consulting works with businesses across Ireland and internationally to develop their commercial potential through retail. We specialise in Experiential Retail and have proven success in this area.

Experiential Retail is the future

It transforms brands and businesses enabling them to become commercially savvy. Our key principles that we guarantee will transform your retail experience:

  • Deploy purposeful storytelling 
  • Create immersive human experiences
  • Personalising your band, product and content 
  • Anticipate your consumers’ desires
  • Being authentic and true to your brand 

Services We Offer

  • Commercial Concept Creation
  • Retail Development
  • Brand strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Creation and Development
  • Tourism Development


We Provide Assistance in Various Directions

Expert at building relationships across levels and functions and managing remote teams.

Product Concept

We will create product concepts which are truly reflective and appropriate to your brand…

Business Development

Your brand is your unique selling point and therefore how it is represented through packaging, logo and design…

Project Management

We will work with you and your team to devise a bespoke strategy to grow your business…

Product Buying

Buying the right product and working with great suppliers will enable your business to grow and increase your bottom line…

Team Development

High performing teams are the most effective way to enable your business to grow and flourish…


Pricing/Margin control-how to price your product or service to ensure profitability…

JK Consulting

Offer that tells the story of your brand is key to delivering an exceptional retail experience!

Business strategy with immediate commercial return
Developing branded retail offerings from concept to delivery
Creating retail store concepts and product

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Customers & Clients

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